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    How do I configure FDS?

      The documentation section for "Flex Data Services" configuration is empty, even on livedocs.

      How do I get it running under a different domain name than localhost: ? I know how to do that in apache, but according to the diagram, apache isn't involved with FDS.

      I did the JRun version of the install, and I'm on a linux box (development).

      Where can I get documentation on how to configure FDS?

      (Also, will the remoting stuff in AMFPHP work ok with FDS?)

      thank you
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          Yeah, that'd be of interest for me, too.
          Especially, how to properly set up the destinations and channels in the xml-files.

          Greetings, Thomas.
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            FES webapp has better documentation and has instructions to deploy on any j2ee web app container like any web applications.
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              busitech Level 1
              Page 1085 of the 1240 page Application Development manual discusses configuring data services.

              AMFPHP is a clone of Flash Remoting. Flash Remoting is not the same as FDS, and FDS is not a drop-in replacement.

              In short, Flash Remoting only manages function calls to various server-side programs, and you do the rest. FDS does not support certain Flash Remoting functionality, but provides many other features which are way beyond the scope of Flash Remoting such as RTMP, publish/subscribe messaging, conflict resolution, data replication, and occasionally connected clients.
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                Ok, what's the "Application Development manual" ?

                Here's where I'm looking for documentation: I open Flex Builder 2, I click on any of the help links in the welcome screen to bring up the help browser, and when I navigate to this:


                Which is a section titled "Flex Data Services configuration", and most of the subsections are blank. (at the time of this writing.)

                And, about FDS v remoting- what I have right now is actionscript 2 talking to PHP via AMFPHP. So,

                If I wanted to switch to Flex and FDS, would I necessarily have to stop using PHP?

                Are the features of FDS a superset of the features of remoting? Would one typically use both remoting and FDS together, or does FDS do everything that remoting can do, plus more, hence remoting goes away?


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                  Peter Farland Level 3
                  If you're using Flex Builder you have to point the project at your /WEB-INF/flex/flex-enterprise-services.xml configuration file. Depending on how you set up the project, you may specify this as a compiler argumetn using --services=c:/dev/yourappserver/flex/WEB-INF/flex/flex-enterprise-services.xml

                  Same command line argument goes if compiling with mxmlc.exe directly.

                  Take a look at this article on labs:

                  http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_Enterprise_Services:resources:articles:rpc_servi ces
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