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    ADE ridiculous - totaly useless on a Win 10 tablet


      I thought I give it a shot. Was looking for an ebook reading app. After installing ADE I was quite surprised to see that obviously nobody at Adobe had thoght about that a Windows application nowadays should be capable to handle touch input.

      An ebook app, touch input?  Wow that's revolutionary isn't it?

      What happens if I tap on a page (in fullscreen mode) in ADE? Well the virtual keyboard pops up! Wow, sensational!

      Also, what happens if you switch to fullscreen mode? Yeah, it's not fullscreen. There is an ugly title bar on top and a behind the taskbar hidden scrollbar at the bootom of the page.

      So even if Adobe would like to force us to use a scrollbar to read our 1000 page book  (instead of the natural swipe gesture) even that's impossible, because you can't access it behind the taskbar.

      Sometimes you think it couldn't get worse, but here.....unbelievable.

      Never uninstalled a program quicker than ADE...