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    Unable to Link to PDFs using Publish Online on Chrome Browser

    hlane2 Level 1

      I have an interactive pdf with animation (created within InDesign), internal (page to page) links, and external links. Everything on Publish Online works well on Chrome except for all links that go directly to a url ending with .pdf. As a work around, we created new web pages that had download buttons to the .pdf files. These links will work in Publish Online, but when click the download pdf button on the page, the .pdf page will never load. You can copy the offending url into another tab, and PRESTO! it works.


      Testing the link inside InDesign (using go to destination) links to the new web pages allows you to successfully click the download pdf button, but once the interactive pdf is uploaded to Publish Online, the download buttons do not work.


      Is there another workaround we could try? Again, this is only on Chrome but most of our clientele uses Chrome.


      Thanks for your help!