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    Alternatives to Fireworks?

    pc6179116 Level 1

      Adobe officially advises that they abandoned Fireworks development because other Adobe products overlap feature sets -- but they don't bother to specify the overlapping products.


      What Adobe products are suitable replacements for Fireworks?


      Bitmap editing and vector editing, and hopefully ability to successfully open and handle my large number of files created with Fw MX 2004.


      Please be specific, and/or refer me to other detailed resources that answer the question.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you just use Fireworks to do vector and bitmap editing, Illustrator and Photoshop do those tasks.


          If you do it for UI prototyping, Adobe's new XD is something to look into.

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            pc6179116 Level 1

            Thanks for the post.


            I have a large number of files I reuse created with Fw MX 2004. The simple and reasonable question is, what happens when Illustrator/Photoshop/etc. opens a file created with Fw MX 2004? I prefer to look before I leap.


            Note Adobe's CC app list (6 pages) doesn't include Fw CS6. Their cleverly-hidden trial version of Fw CS6 (took 45 minutes to install) has no issues with opening my MX 2004 files. Yet they ask $300 for this dead product -- or I can pony up $30/month for CC. Website lists a handful of "resellers" to buy CS6 from -- but all are dead ends pointing back to Adobe.


            I called Adobe yesterday and was bounced between 6 agents who all had different stories or no clue. Some said Fw CS6 is supported, and others said it isn't. Nice job, Adobe.

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