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    CF CGI:http_REFERER Tag

    trevorw50422603 Level 1

      Need some serious helping learning the cgi tag.  Its for a contact form on a website.  Basically how to use the link to have a message display that the form was submitted.  Once submitted the info goes to an action.cfm page which works fine.  But need help using the tag.  Thanks!

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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have asked the question in the CF Builder forum, it is a Coldfusion question. Here is an example that shows how to use the form, the action page and http_referer:



          <form action="actionpage.cfm" method="post">

              <input name="txt" type="text">

              <input name="sbmt" type="submit" value="Send">




          <h2>This is the action page of the form</h2>


              Form.txt: #form.txt# <br>

              Referrer page: #CGI.HTTP_REFERER#



          Put the 2 files in the same directory. Then open formpage.cfm in the browser. Fill in the form and press Send.