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    How to resize a text sprite?

    WrongAgain Level 1
      This code follow can change a shape or picture sprite's dimension:
      vRect = mySprite.rect
      vRect.left = vRect.left - 5
      vRect.right = vRect.right + 5
      mySprite.rect = vRect
      But when this code is used to a text(or field) sprite, it doesn't work! Why? How can I change a text box's dimension?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          To change the height of a text sprite:

          1. The text member's .boxType property must be set to #fixed or #scroll
          2. You need to set the .height of the member

          Changing the height of the sprite or the rect of the member or the sprite will not affect the height of the text member, so the height of the sprite will not change. (The sprite may report having a different height, but visually, there will be no change).