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    Trouble with a specific video lightbox  slideshow design


      New user warning, have been learning the software for a little under a week!


      So what I want to achieve is something like this:




      It's just basically a slideshow that triggers a lightbox with the relevant video when

      the "play" button is clicked.

      I just have no idea of how it was done , I can't get it to play the video AND navigate

      between the videos before opening the lightbox. It's always one or the other.


      I have gotten close to it with the slideshow part, but then I can't have any box

      that triggers the lightbox with the video.

      Or I've been able to do the whole lightbox part but without a way to have arrows available to

      go through the videos before the lightbox is opened as it happens in the reference site.


      So I am at a dead end currently, is there any way to add triggers to existing widgets?

      I think a fullscreen slideshow widget with a little box where I can hide a lightbox trigger

      that brings the video out would be a perfect solution.

      Would that be possible in any way?


      Thank you for your help!