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    Lightroom Copy Import Stalls


      I’ve been struggling with a LR issue and I can’t figure it out on my own (using CC 2015.6.1).  I’ve done lots of googling but no one has had this problem in a while.  When I’m importing, I’m able to select COPY as DNG, and hit the OK button but it just never does anything.  It says it’s importing files, but never does. 


      • Ø I got a new computer and did a transfer over of all data including LR—didn’t change any folders or anything
      • Ø Now when I import pics, I can only Add them to LR.  I can’t Copy to DNG as I used to do
      • Ø I googled and found some posts saying I had to delete my presets and reload them.  I saved my presets, reset the presets but that didn’t fix anything
      • Ø I made sure the folder is read/write.  I can manually copy files, but not via LR Copy import
      • Ø I brought my old presets back and they work find, but still no love on Copying files from SD card to hard drive via LR Copy as DNG import
      • Ø I’m having to manually copy my files over to my HDD and then Add them to LR


      Any ideas what is wrong?  I’m thinking it’s a preference somewhere.  Below are screenshots of my key preference pages.  Any thoughts/ideas for fixing would be appreciated.