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    Off-Line Photos In Lightroom


      Could someone assist me with my Lightroom 4? I know it's an old version. I've been out of the country for some time and decided to open Lightroom on my IMac. I found that several of the collections state Offline/can't be found. How do I resolve this?


      I tried troubleshooting through Adobe and after 2 hours decided to call. I was told that they no longer support this product by phone and suggested I try chat. The person I chatted with, Harsha Rakshitha, was not very helpful; honestly, she didn't seem to know what to do, evidenced by the amount of time she took responding to my questions/concerns. Matter of fact, she discontinued our chat while I was responding to her post!


      I would appreciate some help here. Once I get this resolved, I'll probably get rid of Lightroom. Thanks to all of you who respond to this post.