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    Interactive order form PDF

    Joe Tubb Level 1

      Hello everyone.

      Is it possible to create a indesign document that I can give a user choices and each choice has a check box but, that check box can have a value assigned to it?


      I want to give a user the ability to go through the document select their options and at the end, base on their selected check boxes a total value is created. I know how to create something like this in excel but I'm looking to make something that looks a bit more graphic and nice. In more simple terms I know I can create a document with check boxes etc. But, what I don't know is if I can assign a value to that check box and then have it total up it at the end. Is there a plugin or script?


      Please let me know. All suggestion are welcome.


      Thank you

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Joe,

          You'll need to use a combination of InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to achieve this.

          See below notes.


          Designing in InDesign

          1. Select the box to be converted to a check box.
          2. Show Buttons and Forms panel (Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms).
          3. Select Checkbox from the Type menu.
          4. Enter Name for the check box (needs to be unique name for each check box).
          5. Under PDF Options (you might need to click the disclosure triangle to see these), enter the Button Value. Only use numbers don't add things like $-signs.
          6. Repeat this for each check box.check-box-adding-01.png
          7. For the total value you need to create a Text Field.
          8. File > Export, and select Adobe PDF (Interactive) from Save as Type/Format menu.
          9. in the Export to Interactive PDF dialog box ensure you have Forms and Media set to Include All.
          10. Open this PDF in Acrobat.


          Adding calculation in Acrobat

          1. Enter 'Form' in the search field.
          2. Click Prepare Form.
          3. You are now in form-editing mode. Right-click the Total field, and select Properties.
          4. Click the Format tab in the Text Field Properties dialog box.
          5. Select Number from Select Format Category menu.
          6. Set the preferred Number Options.
          7. Click the Calculate tab in the Properties dialog box.
          8. Select Value is the option and select sum ( + ).
          9. Click Pick.
          10. Select each of the fields you want to include in the calculation.
          11. Click OK, and click Close to return to the form.
          12. Click Preview to test the form calculation in the interactive PDF.
          13. Select several options, and see if the total is added up.
          14. Click Edit to return to Form editing mode.
          15. Select Clear Form from More menu
          16. Click close box to return to the PDF document window.
          17. Save and share your form
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            Joe Tubb Level 1


            This looks exactly like what I'm trying to do. Thank you Cari! I'll give this a try and let you know if I have any questions.


            Thank you!!