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    NEF Files Corrupted with Streaks of Color Bands? Is it Transfer or LightRoom?

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      Background:  At a recent photo shoot several thousand photos taken with a D800. The shoot consisted of several sets. After each set, the full sized NEF were copied from SD to an external SSD via MacBook Pro 2014 using the computers internal SD port and USB3 cable to the external drive. A replacement SD card was placed in the D800 before each new set. Each set was uploaded to a new folder separating them From the other sets. At the location a preview the NEF using Finder revealed no abnormalities. Back home, Lightroom CC is used to process this shoot. Before importing, a new Catalog per set is built and then each set imported. All of the sets imported without incident. All sets were set to export JPEGs for client reviews. They were saved on a second SSD. it was during the upload of JPEGs to a Cloud that I noticed the abnormalities in one set of photos. Almost every photo in that set had color streaks. I went back to the SSD to discover not only the JPEGs with streak the NEF had the same damage too. All the other sets of photos show No signs of damage. This is isolated to only that one set of photos. You should know the abnormalities have different patterns. Some are diagonal. Some are horizontal. The randomness is curious in itself. I cannot rule out the one SD was damaged, incorrectly connected, or other posibiliries. My question are:

      1.  How do I begin to repair this batch of files?

      2.  Is there any program out there designed to extract repair the embedded JPEG files from the parent NEF.

      3.  Is there a program that can repair JPEGs affected by this type of digital corruption?

      4.  Is anyone experienced this or a similar technical defect using a program other than Lightroom?



      BTY:  Am seeing too many of similar posts on this forum, other magazine forums, and the net. Adobe must be aware although, have seen No guidance in or as a response? If you have, please link me to their response.