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    Says Flash Player Isn't Enabled

    kirab9074900 Level 1

      I've had this problem for a while now and it affects my work. Ive got windows 10 and flash player came with it. It was a few months ago that whenever I tried to do things that needed flash player to work it started ppping up saying I needed the most recent update for flash player. my computer said there were no updates and sent me to the same flash player page over and over again; showing me how to enable and disable it in the page settings when ive already done this a million times. Nothing has worked and its strating to affect my work. I only have this problem on MY account though, it works fine for the rest of the computer but I don't want to delete my sccount as it has a lot of stuff I cant save to a usb. Any ideas on what to do??? !

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          Rename your profile, and delete you user SID ( you have to do this or it will load a temp profile ) from the registry under an admin account . Then log back in under your normal username and a new profile will load if you did it right ( might have to reboot before you  do the renames ). Copy your data from the old to new profile


          Seems your Windows profile is corrupt.


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