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    Can I create an autorun DVD that launches a chain of .exes?

      Hi everyone,

      I'm gonna be trialling Director for my company in a the next week or so and just wanted to ask a couple of questions before I dive in.

      I'd like to create an installation DVD which autoruns when you pop it into your drive. A splash screen comes up with INSTALL ALL SOFTWARE option. Once you click on it, you get a list of software with tickboxes (all ticked as default) and you just untick the software you don't want. Then you click OK and it installs for example Adobe Reader, once that's done, installs Quicktime, once that's done installs Windows Media Player etc.

      Can this be done inside Director?

      Thanks in advance!
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          Yes, not only is it possible to do that with Director, it is pretty
          easy. Making the DVD autorun (assuming we are talking about PC only-
          Macs do not have an autorun option built into the OS) is as easy as an
          autorun CD. Just make an autorun.inf file that tells the OS which
          program to open.

          To make the interface with checkboxes is simple as drag and drop in Director

          To do the installations, you can use the Director command 'open' which
          will launch the setup.exe files for each program.

          The 'open' command is a bit limited, but it will work. I would highly
          recommend, though, that you check out the BuddyAPI xtra
          (www.mods.com.au/budapi). It has a lot of commands that allow you to
          deal with the Windows (or Mac) APIs. There is a command, called
          baRunProgram, for instance, that will run any program, then wait until
          that program is done before allowing Director to move on in it's code.
          In your instance, that would be perfect to run one installer, then when
          it is done, run the next one in the list.