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    Very Basic Newbie Question About Importing Video Clips

      Please help a new newbie!!!

      This is a very basic thing that I just cant wrap my finger around.

      I am building a new web site in Flash 8 from a template i purchased from TemplateMonster.com
      I figured out how to completly custimize the site add with no experience of using flash.

      Now I have a page in the site that is a menu on diffrent video clips for my acting reel.
      I would like the user to be able to click on one of the buttons I have set up and the video to play in the middle of the page.

      I have already designed all the buttons and the page but I do not know how to link the button with a video clip and how to make it play etc...

      I know nothing about action script, instance names etc....

      I have already encoded my video files in flash and tried to import them in but the only way I can preview the file is if I choose to embed it in the timeline. Which I do not want to do. I have also checked out many tutorials on importing clips but I cant seem to figure them out due to my newbee knoledge of flash.

      Will someone be able to take me step by step on how to acomplish this ?
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          youll most likely want to put the video within a movie clip, then put that mc on the stage. that will eliminate the main timelines frames having to comply with the video frames. in your main timeline create a layer and name it labels. in the property inspector, give your blank keyframes "labels". target your buttons to go these labels of your video

          on (release){
          gotoAndPlay ("framelabelname");

          that will take the user to the videos. within the mc's of all your videos, you can create simple buttons that control the playback of the video.

          hope this helps