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    How Lightroom mobile works?




      I have few questions how LR mobile works, and how should I use it.


      I have iPad Pro where I transfer my photos from camera in CR2 format (Canon raw). Photos show nicely in app and editing is great also. But how it is possible that my photos transfers to my PC desktop lightroom library in full raw format. If I understood correctly it goes through cloud. Is there limits?


      How should I delete the photos from iPad when the storage is getting full, without losing my photos or edits on desktop LR?


      Do I have to keep LR mobile on my ipad open and screen unlocked to sync photos, or is it syncing in the background those?



      I wish there could be other way to sync photos to desktop lr from mobile. Cloud seems to be a little bit unstable or slow way..

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you import raw files into LrM on your iPad, they are synced first up to Adobe's servers, and then down to your computer. Without you doing anything more. So the obvious limit is bandwidth - if uploading raw files is more than your connection can take.


          You do really need to keep LrM open for syncing to happen. It will continue to sync for a few minutes even if it's not the active app, but then iOS prevents it continuing to do so.


          Afterwards, if you import directly into Lr Desktop from the card, Lr should recognise it already has those images. I'm not sure what happens to the raw files that are on the device - I think LrM manages that for you, but there may be some settings (eg enable offline editing, download full res) that would keep the raw file on the device.