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    Apple pencil should keep editing tools while finger touch moves around

    Will Michels



      This is a great product, but there is one feature missing that makes it really hard to work with all day.


      I use the highlighting tool heavily during my reading sessions (about 6 hours every day). Having to click on "Highlight" every single sentence (or word) I have to highlight creates an extra bothersome step, which also tends to lose focus on the important things one is reading.


      I wonder if it could be developed in a (hopefully near) future a feature to keep the tool selected for Apple Pencil, while I can still move the PDF with one-finger drag (many PDF Annotations apps for iOS do this). I really liked Acrobat, but I had to move to the competition. Once in a while I open the app in order to see if it has been sorted out or not.


      While at it, it would be also nice (not really that important, though, as the feature above) to have pressure-sensitive drawing tool.


      Thank you so much for your support.


      Kindest regards,

      Will Michels