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      I cannot get a library ebook to transfer to Adobe Digital Editions - after I click download it goes to a small screen that says Internet Explorer & save?(but does not go on ADE) it used to have info at the bottom of the screen that says OPEN then would transfer to ADE.  I had a issues like this before & I had to uninstall ADE 3.0 (the new version would not work) & I need the link again for ADE 3.0 to see if this helps.  I did(to see if this helped & it did not work) go to the Control Panel (default Programs) then clicked- Associate a file type or protocol with a program & picked .acsm (clicked change) but never had a pop up where I could select Adobe Digital Editions & click OK    ( I just uninstalled ADE - I had the new and old version on my computer but the old was the only way I could get ebooks from the library to download which has been working for a while but quit)