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    Adobe Digital Editions. A problem with large files.

    Linas Ragelis



      I have recently bought a new book (University Physics with Modern Physics, Global Edition) from (Bücher portofrei bestellen bei buecher.de ). Downloaded it and the file size for the book is 1GB. Biggest problem is lagg, its impossible to read. (It has about 1600pages).

      I would like to know if its possible to reduce the size of the the PDF file in Adobe Digital Editions. Because if I try to open it in adobe reader it wouldn't let me because of encription. I haven't found any may to compress the file inside the ADE.


      Contacting the company that sold me the book is very diffiicult (because I'm not from Germany) and they don't have an email address.


      Thank you for your time reading this request and please answer me as fast as possible, my studies depends on it.










      I have many other issues with Adobe Digital Editions, mostly because of the functionality that is not as developed as much as adobe reader. For instance you cant zoom In a specific amount, making it hard to read. Please update the ADE, because I feel like refunding and just buying a physical book.