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    Lightroom cc hdr merge deghosting is awesome -- but too limited

    tksharpless Level 1


      I do a lot of high-end panoramas including hdr landscapes.  One of the worst problems is ghosting, especially of small things like fluttering leaves.  I have long relied on Photoshop merge to HDR pro since it deghosted better than any other hdr merge tool I tried.


      I was delighted to find the new Lightrooom cc HDR merge function does it way better.  It really removes a lot of small ghosts that PS merely reduces. But there is a terrible flaw: it does not process the whole image, only certain selected areas.  The "amount of deghosting" control affects the size of those areas, but even at its top setting the majority of most landscape images is untouched.


      The LR deghost process is clearly much slower than the PS one, and I suppose that is why Adobe chose to limit it.  However I would gladly wait an hour or more to get a fully deghosted hdr of the quality that LR cc now seems capable of.  And I'm sure many other pros would agree.


      So please, Adobe, add "deghost fully" to the options for LR cc HDR merge.


      The image above compares deghosted results from LR cc and PS cc on a typical patch of leaves (100% crop).  This area was riddled with small ghosts, and both process have removed most of them.  But quite a few remain in the PS result, that LR has totally eliminated.  Besides the easy to see white fringes, there are many dark red-brown patches in the PS result that represent incompletely removed ghosts.  (These defects are quite obvious in a bigger display).