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    How do I convert my 100's of flash (actionscript 2.0) games to HTML5 now that swiffy is dead?

    mcgrafx Level 1

      Unfortunately I didn't know that swiffy was going to be killed until August.  I have loads of games I built using flash with actionscript 2.0, and I have no idea now how to export them to HTML5 without swiffy.  Has anyone found a solution?  Does Adobe have a solution for us?  The singular adobe video showing how to convert a very basic flash ad into HTML5 is no help to people who made beautiful, complex games using flash with actionscript 2.0.


      I'm excited learn all these new languages like actionscript 3.0 which is not at all compatible with actionscript 2.0, but I have to convert my current games to HTML5 first before spending another few years learning a new language.


      I haven't seen adobe address this problem many folks are having, but I did find an app called flaexporter which only works on flash cc.  I don't have flash cc, and it doesn't seem available to download as a 'past/old version' from my adobe creative download app.  Is there a way to download this older flash cc app so I can export all my games to HTML5?  I don't want to waste years of game development just because swiffy disappeared.


      I have the full adobe cs with all the updated software apps including animate cc.  Unfortunately, animate cc seems useless, because when I try to open up one of the games I put years of work into, it destroys that game completely.  When I publish the game, it doesn't work at all.

      I create games for education and had used swiffy and flash because they were easy for a designer like me to use.  I am not a top level programmer, but I have always been able to create and modify flash.


      1. Animate cc tells me that only a3.0 files can be imported and still work.  So, how do I export actionscript 2.0 to actionscript 3.0 using the flash c6s that is still working on my laptop?  I don't see the option to export to actionscript 3.0 in flash c6s, and I do not see the option to 'successfully' import actionscript 2.0 into animate cc.  Is there something I'm missing here?   Has anyone found a solution to this problem?


      2. Instead of trying to figure out how to export a2.0 to a3.0, just so I can open it in animate cc and then export to HTML5, is there an easier way  - similar to swiffy, which skipped all those time consuming steps?


      If anyone has an answer, thank you!