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    Lightroom does not read XMP Infos from Photo Mechanic




      I use Lightroom very often but because of the very very slow speed when selecting thousands of pictures of big projects (long journeys or big weddings) I needed another solution!

      Nearly everybody told me I should use Photo Mechanic for selecting and star rating and after that edit those files in Lightroom.

      So I did it. BUT I am not able to see the stars in Lightroom. I tried to synchronize the folder, I tried to reimport and Itreid to read Metadata from the files.

      Photo Mechanic produces a XMP Side File. In this file the rating is written correctly. But Lightroom does not get it. Do you have any idea???


      The really strange thing is, that sometimes it works. But very often it is not! ;-(


      Thank you for your support!