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    Cannot Update Payment Information


      I've spent a significant amount of time with Adobe Support and no one thus far is able to resolve this issue.


      I would like to update my payment information.  When I enter this info into my Adobe account, however, I receive a message in red letters indicating I am to check with my Bank -- who just provided to me the card information I'm trying to provide to Adobe just as I -- successfully and easily -- did with other online accounts of mine.  The actual message reads, "There is a problem with the card information entered here. Please enter a different card or contact your bank."


      Oddly, if I enter the now-outdated card information, Adobe saves and updates just fine, indicating a successful update.


      It's the new, correct card information that Adobe says it has a problem.


      Adobe Chat proved fruitless, as did trying to resolve this matter through its Twitter account.


      I've tried several browsers.  I've cleared cache(s).  I've tried using different stationary as well as mobile devices from multiple locations.  Knowing it would not help, I nonetheless created and entered a new email address/User ID as Support suggested.


      The end result is the same:  Adobe's system refuses my correct and current payment information.


      Visiting posts on this Forum it is clearly evident this issue is known, it is widespread and apparently has existed since at least 2013.


      I am hoping to avoid a disruption of the services I have paid for on a timely basis for the last couple of years.  My hope is waning and it's due to Adobe's failure to understand, address and resolve this issue.


      Adobe, please tell me what I have to do to provide to you my current payment information?  I'd like to continue using my Creative Cloud account and apps.  I believe you would like to continue to receive my payment(s)?