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    CFMAIL Stripping Spaces in Release 2016


      We recently upgraded to ColdFusion 2016 having run ColdFusion for over a decade.  Most everything has gone well except a weird issue with email.  Every CFMAIL function now strips out spaces when displaying multiple variables in a row. 


      For example, many automated reports that generated output through CFMAIL have something like this in the code:


      Example Query:


      <cfquery name="GetUsers" datasource="database">

           Select User_Name_F, User_Name_L

           From Users

           Where Active = 1

           Order By User_Name_L, User_Name_F



      Output Code (in body of CFMAIL tag):


      <cfoutput>#GetUsers.User_Name_F# #GetUsers.User_Name_L#</cfoutput>


      Output Result (in multiple email clients):





      Before the upgrade this displayed as "John Doe" correctly with the space between names and has for years.  I can force a blank space by hard-coding it in, which I shouldn't have to do.  I can also do a "Select (User_Name_F + ' ' + User_Name_L) as name" and make it work, but many times I will use the first and last names in different orders in the same output, so I shouldn't have to do this either.  The same issue occurs from queries from MySQL 5 and Microsoft SQL Server.  The same issue occurs with variables from queries as well as variables created using CFSET. 


      Is this a bug?  What am I missing?