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    analysis solve failed issue


      Hello guys i've been having this issue for an while i want to use 3d texts etc. but i can't i tryed several times and it fails do you know any solutions.?FAILED.png

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First, game footage often does not have real perspective changes so basically there is nothing to track that makes sense.

          Second, the hands and knife in the foreground are prominent elements that are going to be tracked but have nothing to do with the perspective that you are trying to capture and analyze.

          Third, your shot is almost 30 seconds long. From what I have seen from screen captures of games it's hard to imagine that the scene is stable enough or consistent enough to successfully track.


          To successfully Camera Track a shot you need fixed geometry in the scene that corresponds to geometry in the real world. You also need to either remove or eliminate all tracking markers that are attached to things that are moving in the scene. You should also only camera track the frames in the shot where you want to insert 3D elements into the scene.


          For example, I recently had a shot where an actor walked past several windows. We needed to place 3D elements in 4 different windows. In some cases there were two windows in the shot at the same time. The solution was to first duplicate the footage layer then cut the shot up into 4 separate shots that lasted from the first frame where a window appeared in the frame to the last frame. I did this by splitting the layer in AE into 4 pieces and adjusting the in and out points of each copy to cover only the part that I needed. Each of these layers were pre-composed and each was tracked separately. They averaged about 5 or six seconds each. In each shot I set the ground plane and origin, added a camera and a null, added my 3D elements using text and solids for one of the shots and C4D lite for the others. Then I turned off the reference footage in each of the pre-comps. Back in the main comp I had just the 3D elements and the original footage so I could complete the composite. This shot would have been impossible or nearly impossible to track in one pass.


          I hope this helps. Without seeing your actual shot I can't offer any better suggestions other than to say that it is usually nearly impossible to get a good camera track from game footage if the shot is more than a few seconds long and there is a bunch of things happening in the frame. The tool was never designed to do what I think you are trying to do with it.