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    Character Hands?

    justinf17886851 Level 1

      How would you go about storing various hand poses and placing them on my character at different times in a scene. Keyboard shortcuts? But what about the position of the hands as well? Transform behavior? It would be a lot easier to have a little box of all my poses and drag and drop them and position them into the scene how i'd like for the amount of frames i'd like and then move on instead of keyboard shortcuts and having to manipulate transformation coordinates for each pose. Suggestions?

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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Here is an example of hand poses layout with kb triggers. It's from the Fury puppet.



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            bradleyh15405682 Level 1

            Not sure if this helps. I have 6 different hands for my puppet. I have keyboard triggers so I can control when they show up in the recording. below is a picture of the structure. I just placed the hands on the arms as you would expect. As for the position, character animator will always put the hand on the end of the arm so if the position of the arm changes in the recording the hands will still be attached to the arm in the new position, just record the scene with just the hand movements and positions and imagine in your head that the hands are changing at the time you want them to, then record the keyboard triggers after When the hands are in the correct position. That's how I would do it, but there could be an easier way as I'm still learning too. If your hand poses include the arms then I would just use keyboard triggers and make sure it is in the same group as the arms and hands so you can use the hide siblings fuction. So when you press the key only the pose shows and not the neutrel state Of the hands and arms. Hope this helps.image.jpeg

            All the hands execpt the neautrel hands don't need the eye

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              Yep, Jerry & Bradley are right - use keyboard triggers. There are several examples of characters who do this, like Gene, in the free examples project: Character Animator Examples


              Note that currently you need to add a new keyboard trigger behavior for every simultaneous trigger you want to show - this will be fixed to work automatically in a future update.

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