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    Build native app from website




      I want to build a native app for my website using my website theme. I have a wordpress website. But i want to change the UI for the app only.

      Is it possible to create such native app using phoneGap build?

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          akadri Adobe Employee



          Yes it is possible. However, PhoneGap allows you to build apps using web standards such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PhoneGap does not allow to run server side scripting languages such as PHP (which powers your wordpress website). You'd have to build your app using web standards. Your content can be static (stored on device) or dynamic (fetched from a remote location).

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            swj1345 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.

            Do we have phonegap tutorial where i can link my server side scripting to the app? I want to use the same functionality in my app whihc is being provided by my website, My website also has many plugins, is it possible to use those plugins in my app also?