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    Hide individual fields of a group (radio button) based on another field

    Hamberg Level 1

      Looked through the archives but couldn't find the answer, that worked... THANKS in advance.


      Have a form with a 2 field radio button group (named Financing) - "Cash" or "Other".


      Next group (FinancingType), which is independent right now, is a 5 field radio button group - "Cash", "FHA", "VA", "Conventional" & "Other".


      If "Cash" is chosen from the first group I want the [FinancingType].Cash button to be chosen (this I have working via a MouseUp Trigger)


      if (event.target.value=="Cash")

          this.getField("FinanceType").value = "Cash";...


      However I want the other 4 fields either greyed-out or hidden.


      Also, If the "Other" radio button is chosen, I want the [FinancingType].Cash button to be greyed-out or hidden.


      (ps. I know just enough coding to get into trouble!)