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    InDesign won't export INDD as JPG

    loumi02 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm used to Photoshop but quite new at working with InDesign. I recently placed a PSD file in a brand new InDesign document and layered some more text on it with InDesign. I'm trying to export this whole thing now from InDesign as a JPG image and it just won't let me. I click on export in the file menu, I select all the options and when I finally click on the export button, nothing happens. The export window closes as if the job was done but I have no exported file on my drive.


      I tried the export function with another INDD document I had lying around (with no placed PSD in it) and it worked, so I think this is specific to this document.


      Any idea what's going on? Is this something really basic I'm just not seeing?