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    Indesign - vector images created in InDesign recently appear jagged.


      If a vector object is simple, I will create it in InDesign as opposed to placing an Illustrator vector graphic in InDesign.  As of a few hours ago, my vector graphics now have a slight pixelized/jagged appearance on screen.  I can see my type appear fluid until I convert to outlines. 


      I have gone under Edit->Preferences->Display Performance and toggled the settings with little luck. 


      Attached is a screen shot of my problem.  The text in the box is editable text and below it is what's converted to outlines.  To the right is a vector graphic I developed in InDesign and was not jagged while I was developing (I would've noticed).  Again, these are not placed objects and this graphic was OK six hours ago.indesign vector issue.jpg


      Side note, I noticed the problem develop recently in Acrobat and was able to turn off the setting via Edit->Preferences->Page Display and enabling smooth line art and setting smooth text to Monitor.


      As I am writing this, I have noticed that the problem goes away when I turn on Overprint Preview so I think my default vector lines (not the stroke) are appearing jagged.  It's not the end of the world and I can develop simple vector art in Illustrator and then copy and paste over to InDesign, it's just annoying.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.