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    Indesign : How to stop text moving down the document if you make a change to page 2?


      I am doing a new 180 page book. I have copied in about 30 pages from word, how I stop text moving down from the top.


      Page 1 and 2 If I make a changes here, the text on page 3 will move down the page (how can I keep my page 3 text on the top page the pages, and the rest of the book from moving)

      Page 3 Content page (still waiting text to come in for this page)

      page 4, if I make some changes to this page, all the only pages the text will move…. Down…

      How can I freeze or unlink say for example page 5 to 10 (I don’t want the text for the next few pages to move)
      When I unlink the text boxes all the text is deleted, I have looked online, can’t find a answer.

      If you copy in text from word, Im sure there is a way to do this….. (can you LOCK a page or pages, I would like to lock XXX page, so the text or images don’t move wont the page…. As In all books, you will change some words, images, but you don’t want the wont project to move.. on ya’