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    Weird-looking white glow around black print?


      Hello, helpful people of the Internet! I really hope you can help me with this because I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind!


      I am self-publishing a book using Amazon's CreateSpace service, and I made my cover in InDesign and exported the PDF according to their specifications... high resolution, CMYK, 300dpi... etc etc. And the PDF looked crisp and good, even when I zoomed in, it all looked really sharp.


      But when I got my proof back, the orange gradient looks really grainy, and there's a white glow around all the black print, that isn't there on the PDF.


      I keep trying different export settings from within InDesign, but I can't seem to get a PDF that has a higher resolution than 978x666, and my PDF file is only 516kb as well, which seems really small? From reading other peoples reports on their book cover PDF, everyone else's tends to run at least a couple of MB.


      Here's a couple of photos to show what I'm talking about:





      What can I do to stop this happening and export at a higher resolution?! I'm new to InDesign so I'm trying my best to figure it out but I'm really stuck on this.