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    Optimum Disk Setup - Two M.2 Hard drives, 8TB external Raid 0, 1 HDD, 3 SSDS ?


      Greetings Adobe Family! 


      I have been using the cloud for a year now and have upgraded some specs on my system and was looking for some advice on what the optimal performance would be for these new super fast disks that are on the market!

      Here's what I have going on right now:


      DISKVOLUMEProposed Use
      CapacityFree Space
      OCZ-TRION100 SSD C:OS / Programs446.64 GB81%
      Corsair Force 3 SSDD:????167.57 GB100%
      Sandisk SDSSDA240GE:????223.45 GB100%
      ST31000528AS (HDD)F:

      Storage -

      Pictures, Documents, Audio/Music, Plugins, Fonts

      931.51 GB86%
      SAMSUNG SSD 950 PRO 512GBK:???476.9420%
      HGST G-RAID USB Device (Raid 0 two 4TB HDD)J:Source Media - Backup?7339.42 GB98%
      TOSHIBA-RD400I:???238.35 GB100%




      The read speed on the new Toshiba-RD400 is slightly faster than the Samsung SSD 950 Pro but has a slower write speed when I tested it with crystal disk speed on a 32gb file test.  I have my folder structure for project files as follows:




           Project Files



           Completed Files


      I am in progress of moving over the contents of this drive to the External to keep it empty and figure out what to do next.  The speed on the 950 and the Toshiba are amazingly fast, but I wanted to know if I could set up these disks for a more optimum performance for usage with Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro.  I don't keep projects I have finished locally, I move them to the 8TB raid-0 and things I care about most I backup on the cloud.  I know I will need a more robust backup solution eventually, but I don't move the external anymore, I plan on keeping it in one place.


      I have crystal disk tester, so if an expert here wants to let me know the nitty gritty details on testing the disks and setting up a power-user setup with what I have currently that would be great!

      My system Specs are:
      i7-6700K 4.00 GHZ 4 cores 8 logical processors

      64GB RAM

      9GB page file - C:\pagefile.sys


      ASUS MOBO - Z170-AR


      STRIX GTX970 Series NVIDIA Graphics Card 4GB


      If I've left anything out please let me know!  Thanks!



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          there are several ways to configure you drives, it will depend on how much capacity you need for each function. usually letting windows control the pagefile works just fine. if you are trying to save space on a limited size ssd, you might give it at least 16gb.


          a setup focusing on the m.2 drives:

          TOSHIBA-RD400 =     os/apps/pictures/documents/music

                 (if more space is needed for pictures/documents/music you can store those on another drive)

          Samsung 950 PRO =  cache/projects/media

               (if more space is needed for cache, use another ssd like the OCZ-TRION100 for cache)

          G-Raid 2xHGST =       storage & backups like os drive image backup & completed projects etc....


          another setup focusing on a separate faster but smaller scratch drive and possibly larger os/app drive:

          Sandisk 240G or OCZ-TRION100 = os/apps/pictures/documents/music

          TOSHIBA-RD400 =    cache

          Samsung 950 PRO = projects/media

          G-Raid 2xHGST =      storage & backups like os drive image backup & completed projects etc....


          since the g-raid 2x4tb is for backups and storage i would try to avoid raid. if you need 8tb of space, you can manually place the data to whichever drive you want or has free space. if you can manage with 4tb you can place a copy of the data on both drives or use raid-1 to mirror. raid-1 is handy for that but also adds a layer of risk, where as doing it manually would keep data more isolated.


          ocz had a reputation of high failure rates in their pc parts. this happened with their ram and continued as they switched into ssd's. ocz has been purchased by toshiba, but if any of the previous ocz staff is involved in new drive design it calls into question any toshiba/ocz drives.

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            >> Toshiba-RD400...slower write speed...32gb file test

            Maybe it's similar to the Toshiba HG6, after the write data 25GB begins to slow down...

            jump to "Linear Write / Read tests"

            http://rodi.sk/misc/toshiba-hg6-256gb-thnsnj256gvnu-ssd-m2-benchmark-linear-write-read-tes ts/