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    Unable to sync from Lightroom mobile


      All was working well however  - returned from holiday - added around 450 iPhone photos to Lightroom mobile to sync to cloud and now I just can't seem to get them to sync - possibly one if I reboot the iPhone - turn wifi on and off - quit and start LR, but having to do that dance when I still have 487 in the queue is painful - I upgraded to iOS 9.3.5 - and was on 9.3.2 before that - I also have the latest LR mobile update - anyone else experecing issues - any useful steps to take ? thank you in advance

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          greule Adobe Employee

          When you open up your iPhone and look at this little cloud icon at the top menu bar....are there still uploads processing.

          It looks like that the upload of the originals has not been finished yet. Since the  Lr Mobile upload is limited when you have the app running in the back-ground it's important to let Lr Mobile finish the upload while running as foreground app.


          Then you should see within LrD under Collections-> From Lr Mobile your collections listed.


          Hope this helps.