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    Line Quandry

      I'm working on a very basic animation, and it's requiring way too much control point adjustment.

      The idea is very simple: a line segment squiggles and snakes around the stage, like a train on an invisible track. I've created a Guide Layer with the path I'd like the line to follow. This would be the invisible train track. The trouble is with the train. I can't seem to snap or link a line segment to the guide in such a way that it curves and turns along the guide , like a train on a track. If there is a way to do this, then I could simply move the line along the guide path each frame.

      Is this possible in Flash?

      For an example of what I'm trying to explain, go to ftp.shmeck.com , login as anonymous@shmeck.com. In the FlashLine folder are two files: Line.swf and Line.fla

      Tweening doesn't seem to prvide the kind of control I need to make the line bend naturally when turning corners, so I presume this must be done frame-by-frame... I've already tried duplicating the guide, making it a big line object, and erasing different parts in each frame to simulate the movement. This looks too sloppy and hand-drawn.
      Any ideas?