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    Folder synchronize after import claims missing images




      I've found a few threads on an issue similar to this scattered around the forums, but most were old and none seemed to really go anywhere solution-wise—nor did they have as straightforward a scenario as this. Here's what's going on, conveniently summarized in three easy steps:


      1. I use the "Import..." button in Lightroom's Library module to import a folder called "iOS" containing subfolders with 10,886 images, using the "Add" option to keep them where they are and maintain the folder structure. (NOTE: In case it's relevant, the subfolder hierarchy is in the form of iOS>year>mmMonth; for example, "iOS/2014/02February/[photos]". No special characters anywhere in the full folder path, except for the space in "Macintosh HD," which probably doesn't count.)
      2. I select the main "iOS" folder in Lightroom's Folders list and click "Synchronize Folder..."
      3. Lightroom's dialog box claims there are 2342 missing photos.


      Other relevant facts:

      • Going to Lightroom's drop-down menu and selecting "Library>Find All Missing Photos" returns the message, "No missing photos. All photos in this catalog are available."
      • After opening the "Synchronize Folder" dialog box for the "iOS" folder, clicking the "Show Missing Photos" button, right-clicking on any of the images in the resulting collection, and choosing "Show in Finder," that image is presented in its folder in Finder without a problem.
      • I can view and work on those photos without any problem.
      • There are other folders scattered throughout other parts of my collection (i.e., apart from the "iOS" folder) that have similar "missing images" behavior upon synchronizing—even though their images, too, are all where they should be. The example in the steps above is just the most egregious example, since I have done literally nothing with those photos and folders except import them.
      • I am running Lightroom 6.6.1 on a 27-inch Late 2012 iMac running OS X 10.9.5



      Since some of the similar questions in this forum are from way back in 2012, this is clearly not a new issue. I would hope that this means it's not an unaddressed Lightroom bug (since I have faith that the developers would have noticed and fixed such "image-disappearing" behavior by now) and instead has something to do with the files themselves or the way they're loaded into the catalog.


      So...any thoughts? Better yet: any solutions?