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    cordova-plugin-contacts is undefined in WIndows Phone 8.1


      I have a problem where the cordova-plugin-contacts is undefined on Windows Phone 8.1


      I am using the cli-5.4.1 and the Windows xap file is compiled but there is an error in the build log undefined.

      The error is

      "Target "GetWinFXPath" skipped, due to false condition; (('@(Page)' != '' or '@(ApplicationDefinition)' != '' or '@(Resource)' != '') and ('$(GetWinFXNativePath)' != '' or '$(GetWinFXWoWPath)' != '' )) was evaluated as (('Plugins\cordova-plugin-contacts\ContactPicker.xaml;cordovalib\CordovaView.xaml;MainPag e.xaml' != '' or 'App.xaml' != '' or 'Plugins\cordova-plugin-contacts\ContactPicker.xaml;cordovalib\CordovaView.xaml;MainPage. xaml;App.xaml' != '') and ('' != '' or '' != '' ))."


      I am not sure that is causing the problem, but I did not have a problem with contacts in the same application the last time I compiled it (1-2 month ago).


      If I compiled the app on my pc there is not a problem and the contacts is working as expected.


      Is there anything that has change since then?


      Sincerely Michael