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    I lost a bunch of fonts when I switched computers - any easy way to get them back?

    BWBarefoot Level 1

      This is sort of complicated, so I'll do the best I can.


      Exactly 10 days ago, I purchased a new laptop computer, the Acer Aspire.  It replaced my seven-year-old Dell Inspiron.  After a series of file transfers, I now have some InDesign files available from the hard drive of the Acer.


      So I opened up one of my InDesign files, a personal project which resembles a souvenir program which a fictitious family in North Carolina would have issued for a "reunion."  To create both the editorial elements and "advertisements," I used dozens of fonts I was able to access from the Dell.  These included fonts with the endings "BT" and "BTN."


      However - and to my horror - when I opened up this file on the Acer, the "BT" and "BTN" fonts, as well as four others, were missing!  TypeKit was able to find the other four fonts and transfer them to my new Acer version, but the "BT" and "BTN" fonts are missing, and the dialog box asks me to have them switched to a single default font every time I open the file.


      I have isolated part of the problem as the fact that every computer has different fonts installed in their internal operating systems.  Then again, I don't remember if Dell installed the "BT" and "BTN" fonts that I can no longer access on the Acer.  I remember them being introduced in some other way.  Some of them were as Adobe programs were installed; others may have come from a program called Greeting Card Factory that I installed on the Dell.  (I would try out that possibility now, but unfortunately I didn't keep the CD I got with my purchase!)


      I also realize that I can go to third-party websites to install the missing fonts.  But with 20 fonts in total that are listed in the Missing Fonts dialog box, it would take me forever - and maybe a lot of money - to get all of them back one at a time.  Is there a website or program that can allow me to download at least some of them at one time?


      Also, if anyone else has used GCF and can remember what fonts it uses, I would appreciate that information.


      Thank you and have a nice day.