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    Request: Adding AdHelper code to Animate CC's HTML


      Hi Adobe,


      The Problem
      When I preview multiple HTML5 canvas files/banners on one previewpage the CPU jumps to 100%.
      What happens next is that the framerate drops down, causing the banner to slow down.


      The solution

      AdHelper seem to fix this problem with this:


      var ad = new createjs.AdHelper(stage)



        .watchFPS(15, 1);

        var failCount = 1;

        ad.on("slow", function(evt) {

        if (failCount === 0) {



        this.watchFPS(15, 1);


        // else if (failCount === 1){

        // createjs.AdHelper.showAltImage(canvas, "images/backup_300x250.jpg", "javascript:doClickthrough(this)", "BannerWave", "_blank");

        // }



        function changeFPS(framerate){




      My question

      Can you guys (Adobe) fix this in a a new update?