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    Auto levels/colour/contrast messed up my video - brightness changing between frames

    Michal Huniewicz

      Hello, I have a simple video I recorded with my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.


      If I just slice it and stitch it up, it works fine: Dobrocin Palace Trial - YouTube

      But if I try to use auto levels/colour/contrast, it makes the video flicker: Palace Trial Adjusted - YouTube (clearly visible at 00:08). I'm not sure if flickering is the right word. It seems to dynamically change the brightness between frames. I've experimented a little, and it seems that it's not one of the three (colour/levels/contrast) that breaks it, they all add up. Any of these in auto mode messes it up.


      This is already evident in timeline.


      Auto Fix doesn't do anything, neither does Smart Fix.


      Help, please?