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    Flowing rollOver/ rollOut animations.

      How can I keep the rollover animation from stopping when the cursor pulls out before it is complete? There is a rollover anime and a rollout anime,but I dont want the rollover anime to be interupted. Basically it would be like a whole movie clip activated by the cursor but if the cursor stays on it, it pauses in the middle. How would I code this?
      I hope i explained it well enough.
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          blemmo Level 1
          I would use a variable to signal that the rollover anime is playing. Set this to true onRollOver, and to false in the last frame of the anime. Then you can check this var onRollOut, and decide what to do: if it's false, just play the rollout part. If it's true, that means the rollover isn't finished yet, so you could set another var, indicating that it shouldn't stop but play the rollout part right after finishing the rollover part. Therefore you have to check this 2nd var in the last frame of the rollover anime, to decide if the movie shall stop or continue playing, and reset it in the last frame or in the rollover event.