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    What is legally legitimate and not able to be changed?


      I'm very confused on how these digital signatures vs fill and sign features work just because I'm not quite sure what is legitimate once I sign them. I understand that under the "Certificates" tool, you can create a digital id and digitally sign a document, while with the "Fill and sign" tool, you can sign your name. What I'm wondering is what is the legal difference between the two, and if I were to create an encrypted digital id, what makes it unique and able to be a legally legitimate document if it's authenticity was challenged? What's preventing another person to make a digital id that's identical to mine and how would I be able to prove that I was the real person? Also, what's the advantage to using Acrobat DC over reader in this situation? I noticed that you can make an encrypted digital id in reader, which I thought was odd to be able to do in free software, so is there a difference in legitimacy? And if so, what is it?


      Sorry for the wall of text, I'm just very confused on if you can sign something in Acrobat DC that couldn't be messed with.