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    Is it possible to change the stage dimensions at timeline in Adobe Animate CC?

    roti62 Level 1

      Dear Community:


      After spendig years to forget my beloved Flash and learn to master the stunning Edge Animate I am back now to the formely Flash, missing Edge Animate and experiencing some old restrictions in Animate CC that drive me crazy. I hope you might have a solution for the problem:


      I use external Java-/HTML5-based interactive animations (formerly RIA's) in Java-/HTML5-based Windows Universal Apps (apps-in-an-app) via the MS WebView object. These external apps must be able to recognize orientation changes of the devices and display the content in the new portrait (resp. landscape) mode. Edge Animate did an amazing job to do this:


      In Edge Animate, the Stage was just a symbol that could be changed at the timeline, even in it's dimensions. In Edge-Animate animations it resided on top of all timeline layers. So I set the Stage at, say, frame 0 to some landscape dimensions and at, say, frame 100 to portrait dimensions. Using then the build-in orientationchange action enabled the app to went to the correct frame when the user changed her device's orientation. I found this easy way to respond to orientation changes a great improvement.


      However, on an HTML canvas created in Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash) the Stage seems to be still static like it was the case in bad ol' Flash times.


      My question is: Is in Adobe Animate CC a possibility to handle the Stage as a simple clip on top and resize the dimensions at a arbitrary keyframe like it was possible in Egde Animate?


      Otherwise I would like to make a suggestion to implement this Edge feature to Adobe Animate CC.


      Thanks in advance - Jochen

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, you can treat the stage somewhat like a clip in Canvas documents. To change the pixel dimensions of the stage, just set canvas.width and canvas.height.


          Also, stop calling JavaScript "Java". They're completely different languages.

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            roti62 Level 1

            Thanks ClayUUID for your response.


            First of all, I certainly know the difference between Java and JS. It was just a typing error for which I deeply apologize. Please read JS instead of Java.


            More, I could not implement your canvas.height/canvas.width in the actions panel. However, I tried the following code and it works:


            var page_canvas = document.getElementsByTagName("canvas")[0];

            stageWidth = page_canvas.width;

            stageHeight = page_canvas.height;

            page_canvas.width = 600;

            page_canvas.height = 400;


            However, this requires a complete programmatic re-styling of all stage elements (layers). One cannot do this task visually (as designers would do, or it was so in Edge Animate), and one cannot do it on different frames (as it was possible in Edge Animate). It would be a great improvement, Adobe would import those features from Edge Animate to Animate CC - at least for HTML5 canvas projects.


            Finally, yes it is possible with much more afford in Animate CC.