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    Oversize video (10080x240). Codec and format to use?


      Hi there,

      i have to produce an oversize video of 10080x240 pixel with After Effect. I have tryed by using the mpeg4 with H.264 codec but it seems impossible to export such a big video with this codec. Do you have any suggestion about how to export, and codec and format to use? I am Adobe Creative suite CS5 user but I have downloaded the free trial of Adobe CC and even with this it seems impossible to export the video I need to produce. Any suggestion is welcome! Does I have to use the HEVEC codec? H.265? why I canno find this option on After Effect CC?

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          Long and short: Your requirements don't make any sense. Since this is clearly required for digital signage, inquire about the exact specifications with the vendor. Most of these systems use custom codecs, signal splitters, synced players and so on or handle things internally and you feed them a normal image sequence or uncompressed video file which they convert and split into tiles for the different signal feeds.