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    In the Bates Numbering output options menu is there a way to insert the Bates Range of the document before or after the original pdf file name?


           I need to Bates Stamp a large number of documents (upwards of 50000) for my law office and the attorneys I am working with need to be able to see both the Bates range and file name for each document in the file name [e.g. (25642-25644) Housing Information.pdf]. I have thus far been Bates stamping a group of files in a folder and then adding the range to the beginning of each file manually and individually and am currently around the 25000 mark which has taken multiple days to reach. Looking at the output options for Bates stamping however, I noticed that there is an option to either "replace file names with starting and ending Bates Number (e.g. 000100-000115.pdf)" or "Add to original file names" with the ability to insert something before or after a file name for the selected files.

           My question pertains to whether I can sort of blend these features and be able to Bates Number a group of documents whilst simultaneously inserting the range prior to the original file names of the documents I am working with. I'm a little confused if Adobe doesn't have this feature because I wonder how attorneys would be able to discern what file is which if they're only looking at Bates ranges... unless they simply have flawless memory.