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    Poor treatment by CC online support


      Where do I get started making a complaint about the fiasco I've just had to endure trying to solve what should be a minor issue with changing my credit card details for my CC subscription?


      I've just spent a fruitless hour plus conversing with what I can only describe as a total jobsworth - can it be true that if you move countries and change your bank accounts you have to set up an entirely new Adobe ID?


      As a result I've been told that the weeks I've spent working on a new Portfolio website will be to no avail, as it can't be transferred.


      A small part of the conversation:


      Max Martin: What will happen to all the work I have done on Creative Cloud?

      Sanjay kumar: Could you please elaborate so that I can check and provide you the exact information?

      Max Martin: My website and applications.

      Max Martin: So every time an Adobe client moves country they have to do this?

      Sanjay kumar: Yes Max and you can use the applications, however you will not be able to use the website.


      Do Adobe assume that their clients never work overseas?


      Apart from this, the rest of the conversation was unhelpful to the point of confrontation....ridiculous, and not what I would have expected from Adobe

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, if you move to a different company such that you have a new address in the foreign country and you have a bank account in that foreign country, then you need to get a new account/id.  If you were temporarily moving to another country but were retaining your original address and payment information then your account/id could remain intact.

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            maximm Level 1

            Thanks Ned


            It doesn't explain the very unhelpful attitude of the staff I was dealing with, however - they weren't at all interested in helping me, and this was very apparent from their manner.


            If Adobe didn't have the market cornered with their product I would be voting with my feet, however I'm not afforded that luxury, so will just have to remain a disgruntled customer...