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    Setting defaults for PSD File Importer

    dolldivine Level 1



      The PSD importer is back, which awesome.. but...  I wish there was a way to change the default properties of how it treats bitmaps.


      My issue is similar to this one:

      How to Change Flash default bitmap properties


      ...*but*... the workaround solution offered there doesn't work for me.  Two significant differences:

      1. I have lots of nested folders, which I want to be made into movieclips.  This means they are nested into folders and subfolders in the library so there isn't an easy way for me to select all bitmaps at once and change their properties.


      2. The change I need can't be accessed from the Library panel anyway.

      I want to have all imported bitmaps to have the "Editable layers and effects" setting on which seems to only be toggled at the Import level.

      (I'm importing transparent layers, and if this isn't set, the bitmaps are transparent in the totally see-through parts, but partial transparency is lost which destroys quality for vectorizing later)


      It would be great to set the defaults for importing, like, under Edit -> Preferences -> PSD Importer

      (I think that's how it used to be long ago?)

      Or at least, if you make changes and import something, it would be nice if it remembered the last setting you used... 

      I'm trying to import a PSD with ~50 folders, with three bitmaps in each, some with additional subfolders and bitmaps.  To set these 3 by 3 will take a long time :/


      Or even.. right now, in the Importer, if you select a folder that contains all bitmaps, the "editable bitmaps/flattened bitmap" selector is greyed out.  The simplest thing would be if you could toggle this when you select the folder, so I could just select all the folders in the file and set things that way...