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    How to run GTX1060 in After Effects CC 2015.3?

    blqsb21224677 Level 1

      I greet you, dear users and developers of Adobe products!

      I decided to study the program After Effects.

      Especially for working with the program, I bought a video card GTX 1060 6GB.

      It has high performance and low price.


      With dismay, I discovered that this GPU is not used by the program After Effects CC 2015.3!


      Please help me set up to run this video card to work with the program!

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          velope Level 1

          graphics cards cannot be used with any 2d and 3d image software, it souly relies on your processor, you can get external rendering software such as octane which uses a gpu, but unless you are doing really complex 3d modeling or rendering hyper realistic environments then i would say gpu rendering is not needed.

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            Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional
            graphics cards cannot be used with any 2d and 3d image software,

            That statement is absolutely false garbage.  The poster does not know what they're talking about (sorry Velope but it's true).   However, AE in particular really does not use the GPU for much and there's no "fix" like you're asking for.   But Media Encoder does have some GPU accelerated rendering so you can always send your projects directly there if AE is too slow for you.    The fact that you specifically bought a GTX 1080 for use in After Effects does not have to be a total waste though.  Let it serve as a valuable lesson:  When you're buying software or hardware, especially specifically for each other, do your research first.  A quick Google search asking if the gtx1080 was compatible with after effects probably would have told you that After Effects really does not use GPU's.  Live & learn.

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              blqsb21224677 Level 1

              After Effects System Requirements for Mac OS and Windows

              example, eg GTX 760 runs and uses GPU acceleration, and GTX 1060 is not working?

              Yesterday I installed a version of the AE 2014, it is the same situation.

              I also tried to use a template 3D elements. In both versions, the video card is not touched.

              Sorry for my bad english. I am using a translator.

              Yes, I live and study.


              Maybe I'm wrong to express his thoughts!


              By the way Media Encoder also not uses the GPU.

              Of this I had a card GTX 680, and the speed was high, with the use of the card.

              So what I'm saying, if I'm not mistaken is called, "preview, raytracing".


              I guess I better expressed if the picture show!

              Questions are simple. How to speed up the work while creating a product? As usnorit work during the export of the product? ! ! !

              2016-08-30 10_00_58-Adobe After Effects CC 2014 - 3D_Character_Animation_Toolkit (converted).aep _.png


              2016-08-30 10_03_11-Adobe After Effects CC 2014 - 3D_Character_Animation_Toolkit (converted).aep _.png


              2016-08-30 10_05_53-HWiNFO64 @ GIGABYTE  - System Summary.png

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The system requirements page for GPU acceleration you are looking at is in reference to the ray-traced renderer only. The ray-traced renderer was a way to create 3d geometry in After Effects. It is considered a dead feature. The AE team is not developing it any more. See this page. (We have a more powerful way to do 3d in AE now.)


                Other than the ray-traced renderer, AE doesn't use the GPU for much, as Gutterfish says. See this blog post for a more official word on the matter. Now, since that blog post was written, the After Effects team did introduce some more GPU acceleration to After Effects. They added GPU acceleration for three effects: Sharpen, Lumetri, and the new Gaussian Blur.

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                  blqsb21224677 Level 1

                  Thank you dear! But I have one more question. What should I improve in my configuration? So I was able to see fast rendering. And a quick build of what I indicated in the first screenshot? At the moment, the speed is 1 frame - 5-10 seconds

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    AE and 3D, in fact almost all 3D is not fast. I use AE to make my living and 5 to 10 seconds a frame is pretty fast for a lot of comps. Some of my projects are 3 or 4 minutes a frame. In your screenshot you have the Magnification factor set to 50% but the comp resolution is set to Full - this is increasing the time it takes to render your previews by as much as 200%. I would set resolution to Auto. Until previews are rendered entirely with the GPU you need to get used to working around the preview rendering issues.


                    BTW, the standard that Pixar used to work toward for their 3D rendering for their multi pass shots that would then later be composited to create the shots they would then edit into a movie even with their huge render farm was seven minutes a frame. The total rendering time per frame after all the work is staggering. 3D is slow. You just have to adjust your workflow so you can be efficient.


                    One other point - the comp in your screenshot is 8518 frames long. That's more than 5 minutes. This makes me think you are editing in AE and that's a very inefficient way to work. AE is for creating shots not editing 5 minute videos. I don't know exactly what you are doing in the comp but I will tell you that about 90% of my AE work is done on a single shot that is seven seconds or less. With the current limitations of the software an efficient workflow is to first do what I call a pencil test, which is what cell animators do, make sure the motion works. I do this with no effects applied and at low quality. When the motion is working I start adding other effects and check a few frames here and there for the look so I know that my Ink and Paint is going to work. Then, in almost every case without a single full resolution preview ever being rendered, the shot is sent off the the AME for rendering while I work on the next shot. After you have done this for a while and tried to meet deadlines and pay the bills you learn to know exactly what the shot is going to look like without relying on a full rez preview. When all of my clips are rendered I bring them into a NLE to edit and fine tune, send the audio to Audition from Premiere Pro to get the audio track fine tuned, and then do a final color grade and send the project off to render. All of those steps are actually way more efficient and I turn out a lot more work at a much higher quality of production than I could ever do trying to do my editing in AE. That's the way most professional compositors and motion graphics folks work.

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                      Coolarj10 Level 1

                      Thank you!!! This is by far the most helpful information I have seen...I just haven't really understood the workflow for how After Effects is meant to be used. I have an i7-6700k and an EVGA GTX 1080 Superclocked, and I just can't get a handle on what is a standard time for frames to load while I am scrubbing along the timeline. When there is 3d movement, it takes a while for each frame to load while I'm trying to preview directly while scrubbing, which makes it difficult for me to quickly edit and visualize what my changes look like.


                      For me it's a mix of not understanding what is "normal", not understanding the workflow, and also not understanding what settings I should be configuring. For starters, I need to turn the preview resolution to auto and see what happens, and avoid editing a full scene in After Effects like Rick mentioned.