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    How do I create a widget library file (.mulib) for all the widgets (.mucow) files stored in one folder?

    Giovanni Flammia

      I downloaded the zip file with all the example Muse widgets from the Mucow documentation web page:




      MuCow Documentation


      When I extract this zip file into a new folder on my computer, this new folder contains all the .mucow widgets files.


      In Muse I would like now to add a library that includes all the widgets in that folder. If I choose Window - Library

      Muse prompts me for a .mulib file, not for a folder.


      But the folder I extracted from the Adobe site does not have a .mulib file!


      Is there a simple way to add more than one .mucow file and create a new library folder out of it in Muse?


      The only way I can see from the help is to place the .mucow files one-by-one on a page!