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    Expression to use with audio keyframes and time remapping

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      I have used Red Giant sound keys to isolate a range of frequencies (drum kick) to produce values when that frequency is hit during a song. Basically I have the top peaks of the waveform registering at a value of about 80 and everything else at zero. I works out to go with the beat quite nicely.



      What I am trying to do needs a little bit of tweaking. I want the video to play fast during the peaks and at normal speed the rest of the time. I am using time remapping and this expression:


      timeRemap+(thisComp.layer("Soundkey").effect("Sound Keys")(28)*.0125)


      This makes the video play faster during the peaks but then jump back a bit off peak, the video continues to play all the way through (in other words it doesn't just jump back and forth between the same couple of frames, b/c of the "timeRemap+" part). It increases the video speed and then jumps back to the frame as if the sped up part never occurred.


      I need to incorporate some kind of running total into the expression so that AE knows what has occurred in previous frames.


      I am pretty new to AE, especially expressions. If someone could take the time to explain what I need to do I would greatly appreciate it. Also pictures showing how the expression(s) look(s) when entered would also be greatly beneficial.