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    #BSSC file in RH 9, 2015 WebHelp project folders (maybe RH8 too)

    KFarrelly Level 1

      There is a #BSSC file in my current RH project folders (I have 2015 ow but had several older versions). I believe it's a legacy file left over from years (decades) ago when I experimented with mapping id's and context sensitive help which we do not use at this time to call up help topics. This post on the WebHelp forum speaks a little to the related files RH11: Purposes of BSSCDefault.h and whcshdata.js . I am looking for verification that my understanding of the #BSSC file is accurate and similar to that of BSSDefault.h -- that it pertains to mapping and context sensitive help. Also, I am assuming since it's no longer actively used, I could safely rename it or delete it? My IT department is moving files to the cloud and said the # sign in the file name would prevent it from being moved to the cloud.


      Also, I ran a test by creating a new project with WebHelp and Responsive HTML help, doing nothing related to Map ID's. A #BSSC file wasn't created by RH during the test, just the blank BSSCDeafult.h file.